Winter Park Bicycle Wayfinding Master Plan

Winter Park Bicycle Wayfinding Master Plan Overview

Orange County, FL

The City of Winter Park and the Winter Park Pedestrian and Bicycle Advisory Board work together in order to develop and implement strategies aimed to improve pedestrian and bicycle-friendly infrastructure in the city. The City and Advisory Board desired to move forward with portions of a complete Bicycle Wayfinding Master Plan.

Through a continuing services contract, GAI’s Community Solutions Group (CSG) was tasked with creating the Logic portion of the Wayfinding Master Plan. In order to build the Wayfinding Master Plan logic, CSG employed an approach involving a hierarchy of districts, destinations, and decision points. Our CSG planning team then developed a GIS database and mapping tools specifically intended to efficiently process the large number of routes, destinations, decision points, and signs. The development and use of these innovative tools and processes enabled CSG to build and illustrate the Wayfinding Master Plan logic for the City’s extensive bicycle route network in an efficient manner, whereas the use of traditional methods would have proven to be

The Wayfinding Plan Sign Logic Report and Sign Location Detail Map Book contain information and maps detailing all 6 wayfinding districts, 44 key destinations, 118 decision points and turns, and 321 signs. Together, this information represents a master plan for signage of the entire existing and proposed Winter Park bicycle route network, and, in turn, serves as the base for future steps along the way to realizing increased use of a safer and more user-friendly bicycle network.

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