Award for Innovative Victory Pointe Park Plan: VIDEO

The innovative design of Victory Pointe Park in Clermont, Florida has earned the GAI Community Solutions Group (CSG) the 2019 Award of Honor from the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Florida chapter.

Watch Blake Drury, AICP, describe the GAI CSG’s vision for Victory Pointe Park, as well as the long-term value the park brings to the Clermont community as a recreational area, stormwater treatment facility, and focal point for enhanced development along the city’s waterfront.

Victory Pointe Park: A Multifunctional, Life-Enhancing Design

GAI’s creative approach to the park’s landscape architecture design created a valuable amenity for the city that serves as both a multi-use public space and a highly effective stormwater management and treatment facility.

Located near the shore of Lake Minneola, Victory Pointe Park receives a significant portion of stormwater from Clermont’s downtown streets before the runoff enters the lake itself. Using a system of filtering marsh areas that reflect the region’s natural environment, the park’s design helps improve Lake Minneola’s water quality and expand the city’s development opportunities.

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