Victory Pointe Park

Victory Pointe Park Overview

Lake County, FL

As part of the Downtown Master Plan process for the City of Clermont, Florida, GAI’s Community Solutions Group identified Victory Pointe Park as a key catalyst project, based on the city’s need for a new stormwater facility on the west side. Victory Pointe Park re-envisions the typical stormwater pond approach by creating a community amenity that provides recreation, a wildlife habitat, as well as a signature address for adjacent future development. The new park receives stormwater from a significant portion of the downtown streets, and includes a series of cascading filter marsh treatment areas designed to reference native Florida environments—just part of a series of innovative stormwater strategies developed to help improve water quality within Lake Minneola and expand development opportunities in downtown Clermont.

In addition to providing environmental improvements and serving as a development catalyst, the project establishes the adjacent lakefront as the location for myriad special events hosted by the city—making it a premier destination in the area, while creating economic opportunities for merchants and restaurants. Victory Pointe Park was opened to the public in late summer 2018.

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