Engineers Week 2024: Welcome to the Future!

engineers week logoThe Engineers Week 2024 theme ‘Welcome to the Future’ reminds us that the engineering advances of today help blaze a path toward better living tomorrow. We reflect this thinking at GAI with more than 900 multidiscipline transportation, planning, energy, and environmental professionals who are committed to producing sustainable, forward-thinking solutions for clients throughout the United States.

Established in 1951, Engineers Week is a program of DiscoverE, an organization committed to providing every student with a shared experience and the resources, programs, and connections to improve the understanding of engineering through a united voice and a global distribution network. The DiscoverE website supports these goals by offering a range of programs, activities, educational tools, and more.

GAI Staff Cultivate Future Engineers

carnegie mellonA recent article on the Carnegie Mellon College of Engineering website illustrates GAI’s tradition of staff turning their experience outward to cultivate upcoming generations of engineers. “The future of engineering lies with today’s students, who will be the engineering leaders of tomorrow—so it’s very important for engineering professionals to do the best job we can to transfer our knowledge and the lessons we’ve learned to the next generation,” said GAI Transportation professional Todd Wilson, PE, MBA, who was joined by fellow GAI staff Keith Vasas, PE and James Yost, PLA, ASLA to mentor Carnegie Mellon Civil and Environmental Engineering students in a simulated project to develop a traffic improvement plan for a busy Pittsburgh, PA thoroughfare.

“Civil engineering in particular is a profession that has the mission to serve a wide range of people and reconcile sometimes competing priorities,” said Wilson. “This student project split the roadway reconfiguration plan participants into 10 groups with different focus areas including roadway safety, urban planning, policy, green infrastructure, traffic engineering, and more. Representatives from each group then met to come up with their best compromise reconfiguration ideas that considered everyone’s needs.

“This is the way initiatives often work in the real civil engineering world—bringing together many practice areas, stakeholders, and views to create sound and sustainable approaches to projects that will benefit as many people as possible far into the future. If we can help prepare today’s engineering students to come together in this way, then we have made a substantial contribution to the future of engineering.”

More insights featuring GAI’s Todd Wilson, PE, MBA:

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