Q2 Chairman & CEO’s Message: Rising to the Business Challenges of COVID-19

As I write to you today, concerns and precautions related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic have altered the world landscape–and as we all focus on society’s health, businesses are challenged to find new ways to work. I’d like to take a moment to reassure you all—valued clients, partners, stakeholders, and friends—of GAI’s commitment to you all as we travel through a new and different time together.

I am proud to share that GAI hasn’t missed a beat, and we’re taking all recommended precautions to keep our team and clients safe by working remotely backed by robust technology and network capabilities. While it might be a stretch to call it ‘business as usual,’ our continuity preparations have proven effective, and we’re keeping our solutions and support flowing on time and without a break in productivity.

Our clients, partners, and stakeholders can count on the expertise of GAI’s multidiscipline professionals around the U.S. who are connected, committed, and ready to assist with a range of projects whenever needed. We remain focused on our work while following best practices including social distancing, working from home, curtailed travel, and conducting team and client meetings electronically.

Now As Always, GAI Is Here For You

Of course, none of us can say how long the COVID-19 situation will last, but we can say this: GAI is here for you now to keep your projects moving ahead, and GAI will be here to implement and support your solutions when work resumes full force.

We’re here at the other end of the phone, receiving and responding through email, collaborating over the Web, and maintaining the service level you need and expect. GAI’s employee-owners are focused on your needs while working together to keep our business healthy and make sure that we all emerge in good shape once the current conditions are behind us.

We Will Emerge Strong and Whole—Together

GAI is a resilient, financially healthy company. We have endured and flourished for more than 60 years by taking proactive, decisive action to help ensure our ongoing viability and growth. The actions we are taking to see our firm safely through the COVID-19 crisis represent another phase in GAI’s continued commitment to following sound business practices that serve the larger interests of our company and all of its employee-owners.

As we continue to deliver our best work during this challenging moment, we are confident that the challenges will forge GAI into a better, stronger, and even more cohesive company.  We count on your loyalty and faith as we take action to weather this latest challenge, and look forward to you all being part of our ultimate success.

Each of you is a valued partner in GAI’s effort to work together through this unprecedented time in world history. Thank you all for the roles you play, and I promise on behalf of GAI’s employee-owners to make good on our commitment to you and to our company.

Gary M. DeJidas, PE, MBA
Chairman and CEO, GAI Consultants, Inc.


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