Q3 2023 Message from Chairman & CEO Gary DeJidas

With this early fall update, I’m pleased to report that GAI has been enjoying substantial success and is well positioned for ongoing growth and achievement through the end of the year. In my mind, this is largely attributable to the great work of GAI’s dedicated professionals and the positive corporate vision for success established by GAI’s leadership team and Board of Directors. I consider the positive developments discussed in this update to be natural outgrowths of GAI’s consistent people-first commitment to invest in our staff, support our community, and successfully meet or exceed our clients’ goals.

Growing Services, Skills, and Staff

Eland EngineeringAs I discussed in my Q1/Q2 message, growth is a key 2023 goal for GAI. I am proud to share that we have advanced this goal through our acquisition of Eland Engineering, a transportation solutions firm based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Eland strengthens both GAI’s geographic presence and service offerings by providing engineering consulting and field maintenance services for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and traffic signal systems. With their veteran leadership, strong team, complementary cutting-edge ITS expertise, and South Florida presence, GAI’s leadership and Board of Directors believe that Eland is an excellent fit for GAI and an asset in the work we do for a range of transportation clients.

We are continuing to explore additional M&A opportunities, and I look forward to more announcements of this nature as we move forward.

On the organic growth side, GAI has welcomed more than 160 new staff hires so far in 2023. Representing a range of disciplines, experience levels, and geographic locations, these welcome additions offer substantial value and expertise to our loyal clients throughout our service areas.

As GAI continues to advance our nationwide presence and impact, we are focused on identifying and investing in people and capabilities that are difference-makers for our clients.

Optimizing Office Spaces

This year, we continue to reposition GAI’s offices to best support our firm’s business needs while accommodating our staff who enjoy in-office, remote, and hybrid options through our flexible working location policy.

These office-space initiatives aim to consistently offer GAI staff and clients comfortable, safe, and modern spaces in which to work, meet, create, and collaborate.

Enjoying Strong Financial Performance

All things considered, I believe it is fair to say that GAI is enjoying a simply phenomenal year so far in terms of our financial performance, with considerable work still upcoming for the remainder of 2023. I credit this to the solid reputation we’ve earned thanks to the skills of our professional staff, our focus on staff development and growth, and our commitment to consistently work with clients to deliver sustainable solutions that meet or improve upon their specifications and budget considerations.

Supporting Our Community

building homes for heroesGAI has a long tradition of supporting our local communities and those in need through a range of staff-driven giving activities as well as by participating in our company’s formal corporate giving program. Each year, the program designates a charity of choice that is the recipient of a year-long employee donation initiative. This year’s charity of choice is Building Homes for Heroes—a nonprofit organization that builds or modifies homes, and gifts them, mortgage-free, to injured veterans and their families, while providing support services to enable them to build better and brighter lives. I encourage you to visit Building Homes for Heroes, learn more about the essential support they provide for veterans and their families, and consider a donation to help advance the organization’s worthy cause.

Look Forward to My Q4 Update

Thank you for visiting with us—December will bring an end-of-year update that will sum up GAI’s highlights for 2023. I look forward to sharing more good news at that time, and I wish you all success, good health, and happiness until we meet again.

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