New and Promoted GAI Officers, Senior Associates, and Associates

Each Q2 at GAI, we announce our new and promoted officers, employees newly appointed to our Board of Directors, and those joining or rising among our ranks of company associates. These employees represent leaders and contributors who have helped GAI achieve new heights in productivity and profitability through their work in both our technical and corporate spaces. Like all of GAI’s exceptional staff, we applaud these individuals’ work, loyalty, innovation, and commitment to providing value to clients and colleagues, which has contributed to our firm’s continued success and growth.

Please join me in congratulating the GAI staff below who have attained new positions, responsibilities, and status this year; see the accompanying press release for a comprehensive list of promoted staff and those joining and rising among GAI’s associates and senior associates:

New to Board of Directors, 2023

Steve BoylanStephen Boylan, PE
Vice President / Ex-Officio

New and Promoted Officers, 2023

Stephen Anthony, PE
Assistant Vice President
Shaun Long, PE
Assistant Vice President
Blake Drury, AICP
Assistant Vice President
Donald Wishart, PLA
Assistant Vice President


Stay Tuned for More GAI News

We have several exciting developments in the works at GAI that I anticipate sharing with you in upcoming posts. Powered by the support of our new partner Comvest Partners, we at GAI see 2023 as a year of growth and opportunity, and I applaud our staff, leaders, and loyal clients for their continued trust and superlative work contributions.

Gary DeJidas, PE, MBA, F. GBA
Chairman and CEO, GAI Consultants, Inc.

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