Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center

Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center Overview

Charleston, WV

GAI’s Community Solutions Group assisted in leading the master plan and landscape architecture for a major renovation to the downtown Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center (CCCC), as well as the associated adjacent streets and waterfront. Our work focused on the urban experience of arrival, parking, outdoor gathering, and adjacent urban development. This work completed in several components of landscape architecture and urban engineering.

Our team’s renovations and updates presented a modern vision by updating exterior and interior aesthetics, designing additional spaces, and tying the site to the downtown core. The team created a comprehensive plan to bring the CCCC up to the standard of today’s entertainment and convention venue needs—for example, by including several distinct areas of improved visitor experience in the adjacent area.

CSG also redesigned the Quarrier Street and Civic Center Drive entrance plaza with new dropoff and arrival features. Near the entry/box office areas, the entire Clendenin Street frontage was “dieted,” by reducing travel lanes, adding guest dropoff, and enhancing pedestrian crossing elements.

Finally, the CSG team have created an activated plaza featuring a staircase leading down from the ballroom addition that connects to a multi-purpose plaza and pre-function space overlooking the Elk River. When needed, the plaza space can serve as an outdoor extension of the CCCC by allowing guests to congregate outside during events.

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