Downtown Maitland Master Plan and Implementation

Downtown Maitland Master Plan and Implementation Overview

Maitland, FL

GAI’s Community Solutions Group (CSG) assisted the City of Maitland with realizing the community’s vision for an enhanced downtown that features a true “Civic Center”. Maitland has always been considered a high-quality residential community of choice in Central Florida. However, the arrangement of public open space did not include a true public square where the philosophy of “Live, Work, and Play” comes together in a focused location for daily gatherings and larger community events.

In 2016, CSG completed the Maitland Downtown CRA Master Plan, which includes updates to urban design, connectivity, and policy strategies within city’s center. Also that year, CSG developed the Maitland City-wide Bicycle Plan, which examined bicycle mobility across the entire city.

CSG further assisted the City by serving as Landscape Architect and Lead Designer for the implementation of a new shared-use space adjacent to City Hall that comprises Independence Lane and Independence Square Park; along with mixed-use development consistent with the Master Plan. Independence Lane was designed as a “flush condition” shared space incorporating sidewalk retailing, vehicular access, parking, and bicycling seamlessly with Independence Square Park to create a series of connected areas that support daily needs while accommodating large community events. Design details also exhibit several sustainable design features, including rain gardens that capture and filter urban stormwater runoff before it matriculates to the adjacent lake and aquifer systems.


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