Happy Holidays 2022: A Milestone Year for GAI

As the holiday season signals the close of another productive year, please join me in celebrating 2022—a period of significant achievements and positive changes at GAI. This has been a year of major events for the company as we continue to create and thrive in a new environment, and we thank each employee and client for their contributions toward advancing GAI to this new milestone in our company’s history.

This year, I’m also proud to have reached the personal milestone of my 50-year anniversary at GAI. To mark the occasion, I’ve written a series of blogs that share some of my acquired business insights, including the value of risk taking, continuous learning, and formulating a solid mergers and acquisition approach.

Here are just some of GAI’s positive actions and achievements during 2022:

  • Welcoming 120 new employees, expanding our staff’s licenses and qualifications, and reaching out to the next generation of GAI professionals through a series of career open-house events
  • Delivering hundreds of standout projects and earning an array of industry awards
  • Announcing a new cohort of company officers and associates—contributors who have helped GAI achieve new heights in productivity and profitability through their work in our technical and corporate spaces
  • Acquiring Austin, TX-based petroleum & environmental engineering company PGH, an addition that will grow GAI’s client base, expand our energy engineering services, and help lead to opportunities in the upstream oil and natural gas market for our existing staff
  • Entering into a merger with Comvest Partners, which is enabling us to explore new services and service areas, expand our professional staff, and will provide the capital necessary to pursue further merger and acquisition growth opportunities
  • Enhancing our employee benefit offerings by increasing our 401(k) matching contribution rate and annual cap
  • Launching our official Mentorship Program, which seeks to support staff career development, leadership potential, and cross-organization engagement within GAI
  • Introducing a formalized Internship & Co-Op Program, an initiative that will bring innovative new ideas and approaches to the table, help prepare future generations of employees, and grow and enhance GAI’s talented staff
  • Advancing GAI’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion mission to foster a workforce that represents different communities, cultures, and views—building mutual trust and respect for diverse perspectives, experiences, and ideas
  • Refining our health and safety procedures to help safeguard staff and client well-being, setting us on a path to consistently meet our OSHA Total Recordable Incident Rating goals
  • Adopting a new Environmental Sustainability Policy that recognizes our goals to decrease our adverse impact on the environment, establishes direction toward reducing our company’s environmental and carbon footprint, and enhances the continuous improvement of GAI’s contribution toward environmental sustainability
  • Celebrating achievements through in-person and virtual ONE-GAI employee events
  • Supporting a range of charitable entities through donations and volunteer work
  • Enjoying another year of positive financial stability and success, client and staff satisfaction, and new opportunities

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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

While 2022 has been a big year at GAI, we still maintain that it’s all about YOU—and I’d like to speak for all at the company in wishing you and yours a happy, safe, and healthy holiday season and a prosperous New Year. I look forward to reaching out again soon to update you on how the path we’ve pursued over the last 12 months plays out in 2023 in terms of continued growth for GAI and success in realizing our clients’ project goals. Thank you all.

Gary DeJidas, PE, MBA
Chairman and CEO, GAI Consultants, Inc.

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